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Add track to 10 Apple Hip-Hop playlists

                                                                $350.00 USD                                                        

We love HIP-HOP 👊 because we love listening to it and because hip-hop & rap promotion is a jungle where too many crazy talents get lost in the (autotune-heavy) background noise. Our 2 cents + millions of streams on the issue are delivering the best hip hop music promotion that you can find anywhere. 

This playlist submission pack gives you ten Apple Music Hip-Hop playlists placement. Your song or track will get 18k - 20k monetizable US, Europe based streams and be held in playlist around one week. 

Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B.

Benefits of playlist placement:

  • Guaranteed daily streams, as well as specific numbers of plays you can get separately

  • Push your song to organic new listeners